Costs for temporary accommodation – such as; office space, hospital beds, kitchens, laundries, bedrooms, classrooms, doctor’s surgeries, storage & the like – may need to be included in a project budget, programming, staging, services and design… and also the re-shuffling and re-housing of staff, patients or guests.

This may also affect construction, space, time and programming. Staging of construction may be required – and if so, this usually will add time and cost. Temporary in-ground services (water, power, data, sewer & the like) may also be needed.

Remember to consider whether or not temporary accommodation during construction is required and if it is part of the budget… such as:

  • Will you need to hire, locate, set up, service and remove a temporary kitchen or laundry?
  • Or perhaps establish and shut down some temporary rented office space?

If so, some budget consideration will be needed.