If you’re involved in any aspect of the building design, engineering or construction industry then this common sense business program is for you. In this easy to listen to, easy to implement program industry veteran, Geoffrey Moyle, partners with small business expert Robert Gerrish to unlock a host of business building secrets that are simple and effective.

Geoffrey Moyle has been part of the building and construction design and economics business all of his working life and has accumulated a vast reservoir of practical experience. His insights, ideas and inspiration helps people working in those areas to achieve huge satisfaction through building better and more rewarding projects and businesses.

Small business coach, speaker and commentator, Robert Gerrish, supports those going it alone in business. Regularly in the media he is co-author of “Flying Solo-How to go it alone in business”. He helps business owners find clarity, clients, purpose, balance, structure, freedom, ideas or more money in their business.