Is the Contract Set of documents the same as the Tender Set?

And is the Construction Set of documents the same as the Contract Set?

Is the Contract Set of documents the same as the Tender Set, AND, is this the same as the Construction Set?

They may sound like odd questions, but it is most likely that during the tender period, other drawings or addendums were sent out, and maybe new drawings or revised drawings were issued …

And also, prior to accepting a price there were most likely some negotiations, clarifications and adjustments to the price – So this may mean the price has changed, i.e. the contract prices as offered are not now the same as those originally submitted for the tender ‘quote’.

And so there may be new drawings floating around and now being referred to – some now superseded, some just brand new … keep an eye on this.

It is essential that the drawings noted as the Contract Set are carefully checked:

  • Which ones are they?;
  • Do they reflect the changes and amendments made during and after the tender period?

It is, in my opinion, the Contract Set of documents that should form the basis for payment and variations – and not the Tender Set, nor the Construction Set.