Sketch/Schematic Plan Specification Notes for Cost Planning–Residential

These 2 samples provide an indicative format and content for some specification notes you can use to provide the Cost Planner to help with preparing a Sketch (or Schematic) Design Stage Cost Plan Report. 2 templates are for provided – One for New and one for Alterations & Additions residential projects.

These samples, of course, don’t cover all items required or all possible circumstances that may be encountered – or all design or specification possibilities – but they will help the Cost Planner prepare a cost report for you.

If other items, works or potential costs are required (i.e. difficult access or proximity to neighbours; specific major repairs, etc.), then notes should be included to acknowledge them.

Indicative $/unit allowances (such as, “Stove supply: $2,000”) are more helpful at this early stage than are brand names (or model numbers – this, in my opinion, really is more Design Development or Tender Stage information), as all brands have an assortment of models for any item and have quite a range of possible costs.

Comments like ‘medium range’ or ‘high quality’ will occasionally also not be a very helpful description, as one designer’s idea of ‘high quality’ may be another designer’s opinion of ‘low range’ … The indicative $ figures are more helpful.

If you have any questions let me know… but please feel free to take these templates and use them yourself if you like.

(last updated 17.04.2019)

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